The Trondheim Student Scout Group (TSSG) is a group of people who sometimes do cool stuff. Many of us have been or are scouts, but it’s not required that you are. We have meetings each Thursday in the semester and we also go on trips in the weekends from time to time. Out meetings are open for anyone, so don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Meetings and trips are announced on Facebook and usually we communicate by Discord.

We also have a cabin where we go on trips to and which it is possible to rent. More information about the cabin may be found on the link on the menu on the top of the page.

What happens: Fall 2023

All out meetings happen on Thursdays and generally start at 18.00. The final form of the meetings are announced by Facebook, Discord or email when we’re getting closer to the dates.

Thursday meetings

          DateMeetingTime and placeContact
7. SeptIntro tripThe forest, TBATBA
21. SeptBoardgamenightTBA, TBATBA
5. OctBowlingSentrum Bowling, TBATBA
19. OctForest hikeThe forest, TBATBA
2. NovMinigolfTrondheim Camping, TBATBA
16. NovForest hikeThe forest, TBATBA
30. NovChristmas partyTBA, TBATBA

Weekend trips

People also arrange spontaneous trips, so if you need more cabin in your life, join us and run into the forest!

8. Sept - 10. SeptIntro-cabin-tripDuddelibuThe board
29. Sept - 1. OctCabin tripDuddelibuTSSG
20. Oct - 22. OctTOSSGiadeDuddelibuThe board
10. Nov - 12. NovTacosgivingDuddelibuThe board
29. Dec - 1. JanNewyearstripDuddelibuTSSG

Recent events